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Why the colour of your front door matters

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Laura Marino, Creative Director of boutique developer Alchemi Group, agrees that all paintwork should be immaculately painted and fresh. But she suggests using a "very sophisticated, tinted neutral" to stand out from identikit neighbouring homes without frightening off buyers.

These could include Farrow & Ball's Setting Plaster, a dusty plaster-like pink, or Calluna, a subtle lavender. She also likes Little Greene's blueish Starling's Egg, and Fired Earth's Oak Apple, a chalky grey which changes tone in the light.

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For paving some owners are lucky enough to have - and should hang onto - original black and white tiling. But for those who don't, Laura Marino suggests refreshing pathways with a design from London Mosaic's for its vast range of heritage and contemporary geometric styles. Another option would be to source reclaimed terracotta tiles, with their wonderful patina, and lay them in a herringbone or hexagonal pattern. Natural materials are always a winner: limestone, granite with a "bush-hammered" (hand-textured) finish, or Welsh slate tiles are all classic options.