Alchemi Group


 Alchemi Group is a Development Management company who acquire, design, restore and develop boutique residential properties and mixed-use buildings.

Each property is unique in personality and identity. The approach from the onset is to allow both architecture and design visions to work in concert. We create timeless buildings with an ever-growing focus on sustainability that offers distinctive and thoughtful interior design perspective.

This belief is in our DNA. The company is built on the marriage of concept, design and property development, much like its founders; Charlie Baxter and Laura Marino.

Charlie’s talent is finding the properties, understanding their potential and the potential of their surroundings. He is an innovator who recognises distinct opportunities while leading the team. Laura’s passion is all things design. Her keen ability to implement her concepts down to the last detail sets the design integrity and individuality for every development.

With a diverse team, whose backgrounds range from property development and architecture to finance and advertising, Alchemi is poised to deliver each project with high aesthetic and economic value for the purchasers, partners and clients.

To date Alchemi have secured over £250m of equity, £450m of debt funding and have managed a portfolio totalling £1.4billion in prime central London.


Charlie Baxter - Managing Director

Charlie Baxter - Managing Director


Charlie has over 25 years' experience in the real estate development industry. He has overall responsibility of the operations, acquisitions and delivery portfolio of the company. An entrepreneur in every sense, Charlie brings a wealth of commercial experience and knowledge on diverse and complicated funding acquisitions, tax and joint ventures.  Charlie began his career with Barratt Homes and helped set up their West London office before moving on to found Alchemi Group.

Laura Marino - Creative Director

Laura Marino -
Creative Director


Laura Marino, co-founder and shareholder of Alchemi Group, is at the helm of the design company, Studio L, London. Much of Alchemi Group's success can be attributed to Laura's contribution to delivering high-quality design with a discerning and cohesive concept and sense of style for each project. This has enabled the company to produce benchmark results. Studio L's strategic approach from conception to delivery is a key asset in Alchemi Group’s overall success.