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The Loft House

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  • The Loft House
  • The Loft House
  • The Loft House
  • The Loft House
Planning consent granted - 20th October 2016

Alchemi Group was appointed as a part of the 55 Victoria Street (55VS) project to enhance the value of the neighbouring building (3 Strutton Ground) and achieve planning consent to convert this 1950's mixed-use building, which abuts 55VS. Alchemi appointed and collaborated with Openstudio Architects to create seven residential apartments and doubling its existing size. The concept for this building was to live up to 55VS and integrate itself but be able to stand on its own as well. There had to be symbiosis between the two buildings but also have its own identity of being a Loft House in the heart of the city.

Openstudio cleverly used the surrounding local streets of Orchard, Pear, Wood and Vine as inspiration to create a beautiful and tactile facade treatment on the south of the building. Glazed bricks in gold and green protrude and recess, producing a dappling effect of vines climbing up the side of the building.