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Finance Department

At the core of Alchemi Group’s fiscal responsibility is the Financial Department. It plays a key role in all phases of a project, by accurately forecasting investor returns to assess a development’s feasibility, analysing debt funding options for recommendation to investors, considering all financial, legal and taxation risks prior to purchasing, and by monitoring costs throughout a project’s lifespan. Essential to Alchemi Group’s success is an ongoing accountability to investors to maximise returns; risks are identified and mitigated, cash flow is tightly controlled, and past performances are analysed to better reach the company’s – and investors’ – goals.

Surendra (Ragu) Ragunather

Surendra (Ragu) Ragunather

Finance Director

Ragu qualified as a Chartered Accountant with KPMG in London and spent a further two years in transaction services specialising in the Property and Construction sector. He then joined UBS AG and worked as a product accountant within the investment banking division.

After two years at UBS AG, Surendra joined Bonusprint as Head of Finance for 12 years, playing a leading role in its transformation from analogue photo finisher to online digital imaging specialist. Following the sale of this new business, he was extensively involved with restructuring the remaining divisions of Bonusprint into a property development and investment group.

This year, Ragu and his department have successfully secured £105m of funding for Alchemi Group developments.