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Design Department - Studio L, London

Instrumental to Alchemi Group's success is the vision and design acumen it brings to each project, via Studio L, London. At the conception of each development a clear look and feel is established, influenced by purchaser profile, market and the character of the building and its neighbourhood. This forms the design brief which is sent to the project architect, which in turn influences the selection of finishes, fixtures and materials to ensure design integrity throughout. There is a direct relationship between Alchemi Group's strong design focus and its success in home sales.

Laura Marino

Laura Marino

Creative Director and Co-founder

Laura, co-founder and shareholder of Alchemi Group, is at the helm of the design company, Studio L, London. Much of Alchemi Group's success can be attributed to Laura's contribution to delivering high-end design with a unique and cohesive sense of style for each project. This has enabled the company to outperform competitors and produce benchmark results for its investors. Studio L's strategic approach from conception to delivery is a key asset in AG's overall success.

Studio L, London is now offering a full range of interior decoration, styling and consultancy services in an independent capacity.

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