Alchemi Group

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Alchemi Group has been creating distinguished residences in central London since 1999.

We have earned a reputation for being a boutique central London developer with a strong design vision. We specialise in turning neglected or redundant mixed-use buildings into a diverse range of stylish dwellings.

The best developments are a result of an intimate understanding of location, current market and trends, and purchaser profile. By sticking to these fundamentals, Alchemi Group delivers outstanding value for money for both investor and end-user.

We create residences that have a unique voice based on the building, its location and history and collaborate closely with our architects to ensure they provide both practical and beautiful living spaces.

Each project follows seven specific stages:

Identify site based on location, current market and purchaser profile.

Test feasibility with architects, quantity surveyors, planning consultants and engineers.

Produce financial appraisal.

Establish equity and lending models with investors and lenders.

Assess viability, likelihood of planning and saleability.

Develop project’s identity and create design brief.

Appoint architect and key professionals.

Finalise internal and external concepts and submit planning application.

Update project cost appraisal.

Prepare tender documents and appoint general contractor.

Development management maintains project timeline and budget.

Marketing materials are produced and employed to generate sales in accordance with initial strategy.

Employ management company.

Address post-construction issues under warranty.